Install and Run mujoco_py on Windows

Recent mujoco_py version does not support windows system anymore, followed is a way of installing legacy version of mujoco_py.

Supported Package Versions

Below are maybe not the last supported version with Windows support, but they works on my Windows 11 Pro, build version 22000.348.

  • MuJoCo: mjpro150, which can be found at here
  • mujoco_py:

Something to Modify for Python 3.8+

There might be additional problems when installing mujoco for Python 3.8+, which shows cymj: The specified module could not be found. This is caused because since python 3.8, only "trusted dlls" are loaded.

As a result, before and after installing mujoco_py, the additional code should be added at the front of the original code in and

import os
os.add_dll_directory("C://Users//<your username>//.mujoco//mjpro150//bin")